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New Technologies

Magnaghi Aeronautica invests continuously in Research and Technology focusing on new material and process, electrical actuation, simulation and modelling , health monitoring and management.

New innovative applications on landing gear components have been investigated and some of them applied. They include the use of advanced titanium alloy, structural composite material and electrical actuation both for lowering and for steering actuators.

Environmentally friendly surface treatments are incorporated into the parts design of new equipments replacing the chromium plating process with HVOF process.

Crash simulation and tests on CFRP composite device, integrated in a shock absorber, have been carried out at the aim to improve landing performance in crash impact and with benefits in terms of weight, maintenance and reliability.

Key projects are currently underway with planned introduction into the original equipment product line over the next years:

  1. Plating & Coating Replacement projects
  2. Continuous design improvement projects
  3. RTM process for composite materials
  4. Electrical Actuation Systems.