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MAGNAGHI AERONAUTICA Design Department offers a fully comprehensive service that covers initial concept through final design using state of the art technology and cutting edge engineering skills.
All technical activities are carried out in accordance with the requirements ensuring high reliability product, performances, weight saving, cost effective solutions and low levels of maintenance.
Our  engineering has a large experience in design, development of Landing Gear System, hydraulic components, fuel tank and aircraft primary structures in composite material.
The Engineering, staffed by highly experienced engineers and technicians, performs:

  1. Design
  2. Strength, fatigue and performances analysis
  3. Development
  4. Equipment qualification
  5. Systems Integration
  6. Materials Science
  7. Integrated Logistics Support comprehensive of Reliability, Maintainability, Safety, Technical Publications
  8. Life Cycle Costing.

The internal organization and the infrastructures are skilled and flexible enough to meet Customers demanding requirements ensuring high level of product quality and safety.
System/Structures Engineers are also used to work in international joint definition teams with the objective to develop and optimize the product since its earliest phases in an continuous improvement and “design to cost” environment.
A project management oriented approach is used to manage activities since the earliest phases of the new programs, through the definition of key milestones, WBS development, dedicated planning, resources allocation based on skills and capabilities, risk assessment and mitigation plan, cost definition and control.
The most advanced design and analysis software are available to day in the engineering department that cover a wide range of aspects relevant to landing gear structures and Composite component structures, such as:

  1. Conceptual Design and 3D architectures
  2. Kineto-Dynamic analyses
  3. Preliminary sizing and performances
  4. Loads Calculation
  5. Fatigue spectra and analyses
  6. Linear & Non Linear FEA
  7. Reliability, Maintainability and Safety analyses.

Our engineers are also able to use the following software:

  1. CATIA V4/V5 (for conceptual design, detail design, drafting and kinematic analyses)
  2. FIBERSIM V5 (for Composite components design)
  3. NASTRAN, PATRAN, FEMAP, HYPERWORKS AND LAMINATE MODELER (for Linear and Non linear Stress analyses)
  4. LS DYNA, ADAMS, MATLAB and SIMULINK (for Impact analyses, Dynamic analyses, Performances and Loads calculation)
  5. NASGRO4 and Internal developed software (for Fatigue)
  6. RELEX (for reliability analyses).